Pine Mountain Olive Farm

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil Products

Tuscan  varietals

Tuscan  varietals

Pressed from organic olives grown high atop Northern California‚Äôs Pine Mountain, this distinctive olive oil is a fragrant and lively blend of Arbequina, Coratino, Frantoio, Lecinno, Noccilara and Pendolino olives. 

Pine Mountain olive oil is a perfect complement to grilled foods or salads.  And be sure to try it on your favorite sourdough.

Pine Mountain Olive Farm lies at the Northern end of the Alexander Valley.  With an elevation of 2,600 feet, a warm southern exposure, well-drained rocky soil and plenty of clean spring water, our Tuscan variety olive trees produce a distinctive olive oil.

The Schafer family gives particular care to the entire process: from tending the orchards and picking the olives to pressing and bottling the oil.  We choose quality over quantity in producing this distinctive organic, extra virgin olive oil.

From our Farm to your Home

For the Table

Our certified 100% organic, extra virgin olive oil is made from estate-grown, hand picked olives.  Try it for grilled meat or vegetables, on salads, in your favorite recipes, or on a slice of fresh, sourdough french bread. Yum!

For the Body

Our Olive Oil & Lavender Bath Oil is made by steeping our own, organic lavender in our olive oil.  Just olive oil and lavender, no chemicals or preservatives. It's delightful in a bath or after your shower, or any time your skin needs a bit of moisture.

Our Olive Oil & Lavender Balm is the only product we sell that includes ingredients we did not produce here on the farm.  We add natural beeswax from Oregon to create the perfect consistency for your lips, around your eyes, or any other dry spots. 

Coming Soon

We are hard at work experimenting with formulas for our next product line:    Beard Oil!  Watch this space for updates...

100% Handmade

Ours is truly a family farm. We prune, fertilize, mow, weed, water, harvest, and bottle our products with the help of family and friends. 

Extra Virgin

Pine Mountain Olive Oil is tested annually to ensure it is extra virgin.  The California Olive Oil Council (COOC) certifies our oil after it passes both a chemical test and a sensory test.   


Our farm is certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)  and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Our olive oil is certified as 100% organic because we not only grow organically, we also process in an organic facility.